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Please read the following agreement carefully, this User Agreement is effective upon acceptance for new users.

The User Agreement (Hereafter referred to as “Agreement”) is the rights and obligations made basing on the service offered by AMBRION SolarPlant, this agreement has legal effect on both sides of you and AMBRION SolarPlant.

1. Content

1.1 The service provided by AMBRION SolarPlant will be strictly enforced in accordance with the relevant regulations, terms of service and operating rules. When users click on the agree button for registration, that means the user and AMBRION SolarPlant reach an agreement and accept all the terms of service.

2. Use rules

2.1 Users need to provide accurate company and personal information for registration, any changes, please update in time.

2.2 After successful registration, user will have an account and password, which will be kept by the user; the user shall be legally responsible for all activities and events of his user account.

2.3 User of AMBRION SolarPlant must comply with the following principles

(a) Abide by Chinese laws and regulations

(b) Shall not use AMBRION SolarPlant for any illegal purposes

(c) Comply with all network protocol, regulation and procedures related to web services

(d) Any action on AMBRION SolarPlant that may adversely affect the proper operation of the Internet is forbidden

(e) Any action on AMBRION SolarPlant that may adversely affect the proper operation of the Internet is forbidden

(f) Shall not do anything that may harm AMBRION SolarPlant or property of users

(g) Shall be notified immediately to AMBRION SolarPlant if any discovery of illegal use or security vulnerabilities of accounts.

3. Privacy protection

3.1 Privacy protection is a basic policy of AMBRION SolarPlant, AMBRION SolarPlant ensures that the user registration material and the private content on AMBRION SolarPlant will not be open to public or the third party, except for the following situations:

(a) Advance authorization from the users

(b) In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations requirements

(c) In accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities

(d) For maintaining the social public interests

(e) For maintaining legal rights and interests of AMBRION SolarPlant

4. Disclaimer

4.1 The user agrees to use AMBRION SolarPlant at your own risk, all consequences arising from using AMBRION SolarPlant should be undertaken by user, AMBRION SolarPlant does not undertake any responsibility.

4.2 AMBRION SolarPlant does not guarantee that the network service will be surely meet the requirements of users, nor does it guarantee that network services will not be interrupted, timeliness, security, accuracy of the network service are not guaranteed.

5. Rights of Interpretation

The rights of interpretation to The User Agreement is owned by AMBRION SolarPlant. If any of these terms conflict with the relevant laws of the Australia, the provision of the Australian law shall prevail. Thank you for your cooperation!

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